North Devon Voluntary Services’ Projects

Here you will see the projects we deliver, bringing together health and social care professionals and voluntary sector organisations for the benefit of vulnerable people in North Devon.

Community Health and Social Care Project

Community Health & Social Care Teams (CH & SCT) are focused on people with long-term conditions or complex needs, and their carers. The teams are made up of a range of professionals: Community Matrons, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers, Community Pharmacists, GPs, Community Nurses, Older People’s Mental Health, and the Voluntary Sector Representative. A Voluntary Sector Representative attends the weekly CH & SCT meetings; their key purpose is to provide a ‘bridge’ to the local voluntary and community sector. North Devon Voluntary Services coordinates this service across Northern Devon, supporting the Voluntary Sector Representatives. We also aim to understand the gaps in service provision, feed this back to the Programme Manager and Commissioners, and where appropriate and able to do so, develop capacity, resources to meet the unmet need. For more information please contact North Devon Voluntary Service on 01271 866300


Connected Communities Project

Lindsay Derbyshire, our Connected Communities Referral Support Worker, is employed by NDVS but works from the offices of Direct Care Plus, which co-ordinates adult social care. Lindsay receives referrals from the teams working at Direct Care Plus, most often when someone has been referred to them but isn’t eligible for statutory care. She contacts clients by phone and finds out what they would most like help with. She can identify appropriate voluntary sector support or, using a very small budget and her own ingenuity, help people find solutions to their problems in new and creative ways. For further information, please contact Lindsay on 01392 388011 or email