Resources to help you respond to Covid-19

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Useful Guidance

  • NDVS has produced some useful guidance documents on Collecting Prescriptions, Telephone Befriending and Handling Money Safely (a guide for people who are using community help for shopping, collecting prescriptions etc.)

  • As we move away from the initial lockdown phase, you might also find 'Moving on from Crisis Response' useful to help you think about what changes you may begin to make and how to plan for the weeks and months ahead

  • NCVO KnowHow has comprehensive guidance related to the current situation covering advice on managing and safeguarding volunteers, how to protect your staff and the people you are working with and contingency planning for your organisation

  • If you are using volunteers to help deliver or enhance your services right now, it's important to do a quick review of your volunteering policies and processes. You don't need to start from scratch - you can use the DeVA Volunteering Health Check guidance and there is lots of info right here on our Fact Sheets pages. We are also here for you if you need any help.

  • If you are looking for useful training for your volunteers, British Red Cross has developed Coronavirus Training to help people volunteer safely

  • Check out DeVA's short animations on 'Supporting Volunteering', 'Volunteer Advice', 'Telephone Befriending' and 'Safeguarding (Please note these were created before current restrictions were in place so volunteers need to make sure they follow the most up-to-date guidelines regarding social distancing etc)

  • The Information Commissioner has published information on Data Protection and Covid-19 for community groups that are being set up, or already exist.

  • Ladbrook insurance company has developed guidance regarding insurance considerations for community groups during the coronavirus crisis

  • Devon County Council is updating its Community Support Groups page to try and capture all the voluntary activity which is taking place. You can also add info about what your group is doing

  • Safeguarding Advice for Devon volunteers has just been updated by the Devon Adults Safeguarding Board

  • Wellbeing Support

  • Remember to look after yourself. Our Frontline is a partnership between leading mental health charities offering round-the-clock mental health support to key workers responding to the Covid-19 crisis. Get in touch with them if you are working on the frontline and feel you need someone to talk to

  • Talkworks is the free, confidential, NHS talking therapy service for adults in Devon (excluding Plymouth), giving you the tools and techniques to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. The Talkworks website also features advice on coping with anxiety during the coronavirus outbreak

  • MIND has online resources to support people who are feeling anxious or stressed and need some help to cope at the moment

  • Tips and advice for helping people stay connected are available on the Campaign to End Loneliness website

  • Young Devon Wellbeing Toolkit to help young people maintain positive mental health during lockdown

  • Recovery College Online have a range of over 30 free online mental health and wellbeing courses and resource

  • Funding

    Here are just some of the sources of funding you might find useful. Please contact us and we would be happy to provide advice and help you apply

  • DCC Covid-19 Prompt Action Fund

  • Devon Community Foundation

  • Charities Aid Foundation

  • Defra Covid-19 Emergency Surplus Food Grant

  • Neighbourly Community Fund (grants up to £400)

  • Sports England (for sports / physical activity groups experiencing financial hardship)
  • Sources of Information

    Keep up to date with the very latest official guidance and please encourage the people you are working with to use these sites as their source of info:

  • Government update

  • NHS Update

  • Public Health England

  • Charity Commission

  • Devon County Council