Local Authority Funding

Here in North Devon there are various sources of local authority funding for community and voluntary organisations and projects. We have listed them below, with details on schemes and how to access this type of funding, though be aware this information is subject to change so it is always worth researching latest updates.


It is always useful to contact your local councillors – at town or parish, district and county level – to inform them about your particular project and your funding needs. Their support can be very helpful, and they may be able to put you in touch with other individuals or organisations who can assist you.


Devon County Council

Locality Budget Fund

Each County Councillor has a fund of £10,000 that they can use to respond to local needs in any financial period (April to March). Councillors can, if they wish, make grants to support projects or activities that benefit the communities they represent. Locality budget funding adds value to projects that are beneficial to local communities, and help meet the Council’s strategic objectives as described in the Council’s Better Together 2014-2020 plan. Projects are diverse and reflect the needs of local communities. All projects should include some other financial contribution(s) and/or local support.

Any properly constituted not-for-private profit voluntary or community group (including town and parish councils) can apply to their local County Councillor for a grant from the locality budget fund.

Each Councillor will normally make their own decision on which applications they wish to support, the only exception would be where the Councillor may have a conflict of interest and the decision will have to be approved by an Officer provided that the locality budget fund grant will be used within the financial period (April to March) of each year, and is not used to benefit individuals or private businesses.

To discuss a locality budget fund application, you should contact your local County Councillor in the first instance.


Devon County Council and North Devon Council

Town and Parish (TAP) Fund

The Fund aims to develop collaborative working between towns and parishes, and the voluntary and community groups within them. It is intended to ‘kick-start’ local projects and to encourage local action for projects and services that will make a real difference at community level. Applications should show that town and parish councils and voluntary and community groups are working together to find solutions to local issues, empower communities, enable community resilience and self-help. Projects must benefit residents of two or more towns or parishes.

You can apply for capital and/or revenue funding. Match funding is encouraged, which can include your own fundraising, other grant funding, or volunteer labour.

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North Devon Council

Community Councillor Grant Scheme

This Scheme aims to support projects and services run by community or voluntary groups and not-for-profit organisations. Each district councillor has £1,000 a year to allocate to projects in the community. These must be located within North Devon, or be of significant benefit to the people, the environment and the community of the North Devon district.

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Barnstaple Town Council

Barnstaple Town Council offers grants to community organisations that can demonstrate that their work or project will benefit the town of Barnstaple. The grants scheme normally opens for applications in late September/early October each year for about two months, and are considered the following February by the Council’s Finance Committee. Grant cheques are awarded at the Annual Town Meeting in April.

When the scheme is open for applications, details can be found on the Council’s website at www.barnstapletowncouncil.co.uk. Enquiries about grants from can also be made by email to admin@barnstapletowncouncil.co.uk, by phone on 01271 373311, or in person at Barum House, The Square, Barnstaple, EX32 8LS.


Ilfracombe Town Council

The Town Council’s Policy on Community Grants is based on the principle of promoting the development of partnerships, which encourage and enable local community organisations to deliver local projects to the residents of Ilfracombe. The Council provides grant funding to promote and encourage pride in Ilfracombe through: Active citizenship; Community Involvement; Fostering local talent and skills; Green, clean and safe town; Regeneration and Development for the benefit of all residents to create a vibrant town; Social inclusiveness and preventing social isolation.

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South Molton Town Council

Grants are considered at any of their monthly meetings held on the 2nd Monday of every month. Application forms can be obtained from the Amory Centre.