Volunteering with NDVS

Volunteering with North Devon Voluntary Services


Thinking about volunteering? Click here for top tips on what to consider. To find a vacancy to suit you, head to Where can I volunteer in North Devon?

We assist organisations in finding volunteers and support them in managing volunteers by giving one-to-one advice, delivering training and holding meetings for the Volunteer Co-ordinators' Forum. You can start your search for volunteers at Find volunteers in North Devon.


Volunteer Recruitment Campaign

Our recruitment campaign is aimed at inspiring those who are in employment, but who could also use their skills or interests to volunteer.

We are looking for those who already volunteer and are in paid employment to help promote our campaign. This would involve coming to our Barnstaple office for your photo to be taken, providing information of where you work, who you volunteer for and why you volunteer. The campaign and therefore your photo would be on Facebook, Twitter and our website pages etc.

Please see the campaign page for more details and to see current case studies.

We welcome anyone wanting to volunteer but are particularly keen to engage with those who are in employment, so if you are an organisation who would like to support this campaign and promote it to your employees, please go to our website www.devonva.org/campaign to download the promotional material.