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June 12, 2020
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June 23, 2020
Your help needed - A message from Plastic Free North Devon
Plastic Free North Devon have been working with local district councils and organisations across northern Devon on a regional public survey that intends to capture the public’s collective values and any behavioural changes they intend to make post the COVID-19 crisis.

We know that the current situation has severely curtailed both economic and social activity, causing deeply felt impacts across all of society but there have also been some positive impacts including reduced air pollution and an increased appreciation for nature. Recent national YouGov surveys regarding the COVID -19 crisis also found that only 9% of Britons want life to return to ‘normal’, 8 out of 10 people want the government to prioritise health and well-being over economic growth and 85% want to see at least some of the personal or social changes they have experienced continue after the covid crisis.

But what does that mean for us in northern Devon? What could the ‘new normal’ look like here? How have our perspectives changed on how we live our lives through the lens of the pandemic ? We don’t know yet, but we want to find out.

The survey includes broad and bold questions on a variety of topics that include plastic and waste, wildlife and biodiversity, health and wellbeing, transport, energy, local economy and consumerism. The results received will help local groups and government frame their priorities and better understand what is important to the people of northern Devon. How do we improve the quality of life for all residents alongside an improved and flourishing environment? It is important to note that the partners involved do not have the tools to transform our society over night and should not be expected to do so - the purpose of this survey is to visualise what a better northern Devon looks like for the individuals that reside there; a baseline of collective thought and evidence to help shape the place we live.

The survey is available on the North Devon Council website until 30 June. Please take 10 minutes to share your thoughts and tell others to do the same.

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